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Incisional and other hernias

I think I have a hernia ?


Hernias can form at the site of old scars. This is because the scar is not as strong as the original muscle tissue that made up the abdominal wall. With time the scar weakens and a hole forms in the abdominal wall allowing tissue from within the abdomen to herniate out. There is always the risk that this tissue can become stuck as it herniates out which can lead to a strangulation if the herniated material includes bowel. Hernias can also form at sites of natural weakness in the abdominal wall. This includes anywhere in the midline particularly at the umbilicus (discussed under own heading)  and above the umbilicus - epigastric hernia. Hernias can also form at the edge of the rectus (6 pack

muscles) - spigellian hernia.

Any hernia which is starting to give symptoms of discomfort should be considered for surgical repair.

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