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  • New patients consults are 30 minute appointments. The fee is £250 and covers review of correspondence and results, prescriptions, communication with other specialists and summary letters.

  • Follow-up appointments are 15-20 minutes depending on the complexity of the clinical problem and are charged at £190. Again the fee covers all result reviews and correspondence.

  • Occasionally Mr Jourdan may undertake a telescopic examination of the bowel in the clinic. These procedures incur an additional fee from the hospital and Mr Jourdan.

  • Mr Jourdan adheres to the fee schedule of  the insurance companies for all treatments. All self funding patients are provided with a fixed price quote from the hospital which will include his fees for the procedure.

Mr Jourdan's fee is used to cover consulting room rental, office and secretarial costs, medical indemnity costs and of course his own salary

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